Auto Sweet Dwarf

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This strain is perfect for guerrilla growing with autos, as it's small and takes just 6 days to mature. However, it does not like the cold, so choose a good location.

Flavor Sweet
Climate Dry
Effect Active-Alert
Genotype Autoflowering
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Auto Sweet Dwarf is a strain that grows very easily in varying weather conditions. Its has a discreet size and flowers fast both under grow lights and outdoors. It’s been designed for guerrilla-style growing with auto strains. Guerrilla growing allows you to grow and harvest your plants out in the countryside or mountains, but you need plants that don't require a lot of care. This particular strain also allows you to avoid the rain and consequent rotting these type of grows usually experience out in the wild.

Indoors we recommend the SCRoG growing technique, placing a good number of seeds per m2, up to 16 plants. Its yield comes mainly from the central stem. Thus, you will have to get rid of the lowest branches as they'll be shaded and won't be needed at all. They can grow up to 40-70cm tal,l so they’re perfect for low growing spaces. You’ll be able to harvest up to 400g of very resinous and fruity buds in dry weight and per 600w light.

Outdoors it’s the ideal plant to grow if you don't have time to care for it. In guerrilla grows, this plant serves as a strain that stays short, is easy to camouflage and can go unnoticed easily. Besides that, it has a fast life cycle; in only 60 days you’ll be able to harvest and dry its buds which will be fully loaded with resin. The average yield is 20-40g per plant, although it is of very high quality.

Its taste is sweet and sometimes it can be similar to Cheese; its smoke fills the senses with fruity tones with a substantial earthy touch. The effect is mainly indica: it relaxes you at a muscular level but it's not too strong and won't couch-lock you. Ideal to smoke all day long.

  • Sativa/Indica: 30/70%
  • Flowering: 60 days after germination
  • Height: 0.4-0.7m indoors and outdoors

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