Big Devil XL Auto

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One of the most productive varieties of the Autos at Sweet Seeds, Big Devil XL Auto will become your new favorite when you grow it and try it, it’s hard to get any better than this one.

Flavor Earthy
Climate Cold
Effect Creative-stimulant
Genotype Autoflowering
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Big Devil XL Auto by Sweet Seeds is a plant that will get big no matter where you grow it, as long as its treated well, has a warm climate that receives as much direct sunlight possible. 

You can grow it indoors, where you will get plants that are quite content with your light bulb, they will measure in at about 1.2m tall and yield about 100g of weight, all this in just 80-85 days after germinating. To do larger scaled grows, we recommend to use plant pots that are no bigger than 7L and you can fit in about 9 plants per square meter, this way obtaining up to 500g.

The months with the highest amount of hours of sunlight are Summer, which is why it is the ideal date for planting and growing it, especially if you live in an colder area, like Northern Spain where you will only be able to get productive harvests if you plant in May-June, in warmer climates like Southern or Mediterranean Spain, you can do up to 3 harvests a year, one after the other, from March until October.

It is a very tasty strain with some sweet hints of incense from the Jack Herer, with big and spongy buds, which is not the same a limp or underdeveloped, accompanied by a stimulating, head high that’s quite nice and will keep a smile on your face for hours.

  • Sativa/Indica: 10/90%.
  • Flowering: 55-65 days indoors and outdoors.
  • Height: 1-1.2m indoors and outdoors.

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