Blue Hash

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Category Dinafem

Blue Hash by Dinafem grows pungent, sticky buds with a lovely fruity smell alongside its tall structure, making it perfect for outdoors.

Flavor Hashish
Climate Dry
Effect Medicinal relaxant
Genotype Mostly Indica
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Blue Hash by Dinafem is quite a warrior of a plant, making it the perfect choice for beginners and for experts that don’t have time to visit them often. You’ll be rewarded with potent, flavorful weed that will easily flower and doesn’t really need as much care as other strains. It does well in cold and humid climates where other strains would definitely not do as well.

Indoors it grows nice and compact with a medium to low size. It has strong branches that can easily deal with the weight of the buds during the flowering period. You’ll need to place around 9 plants per 600w light – if you’re using powerful lights, do not grow this strain for more than 25 days even if they look small. It’ll be ready after about 50-55 days flowering, rewarding growers with up to 450g per square meter.

Outdoors these plants are ridiculously easy to grow – you can get an enormous yield without having to take any sort of special care. It does well with cold, mountainy climates where plants can’t flower properly or end up rotting. Keep in mind that if you have a particularly bad climate you might want to take preventive measures. Towards mid-October your plants will be ready, rewarding you with up to 1kg of top quality yield under the right conditions. In cold temperatures it goes a beautiful purple/blue color.

It has a wonderful earthy flavor with a sweet aftertaste, similar to berries. Its smoke is quite dense, and it has a relaxing, potent and long-lasting effect. It can be used medicinally for stress or insomnia, although you can also use it recreationally.

  • Sativa/Indica: 40/60%
  • Flowering: 7-8 weeks indoors, beginning to mid-October outdoors.
  • Height: 0.8-1.2m indoors. 2-2.5m outdoors.

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