Blue Kush Feminizada

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Blue Kush by Dinafem has a beautiful Blueberry color and OG Kush shape – together, both of these strains make for a potent strain with incredible qualities.

Flavor Fruity
Climate Hot
Effect Medicinal relaxant
Genotype Sativa hybrid
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Blue Kush by Dinafem is a strain that’s designed for growers that are looking for plants that have intense flavors and aromas. This plant has the sweetness of a Blueberry mixed with a citric OG Kush aroma. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors – in the hands of a beginner, this makes for decent yields, and in the hands of an expert this is one of the most complete strains in Dinafem’s catalogue.

Indoors this strain does well with being managed and bent into higher yielding positions, such as SCRoG or SoG methods, flipping them to 12/12h as soon as they germinate. It’ll grow quite an impressive central stem, although the branches might not perform that well as they don’t get much light. You can plant this straight into hydroponics without ending up with massive 2m tall plants – they’ll grow nice and compact. They take about 60 days to flower, producing around 500g per square meter.

Outdoors it loves mild to hot climates, flourishing the more hours of sun it gets. They’ll grow much wider than indoors, as they’ll be getting natural sunlight from various angles. You’ll need to train the branches and hold them up halfway through the flowering period so that it can grow the biggest buds possible without breaking the branches. It should be ready towards mid-October, producing up to 800g per plant under the right conditions.

It has a complex, intense flavor, awakening your taste buds from the first drag. It has a beautiful berry aroma alongside lemon and pine nuances – the perfect weed for those looking for different, strong tastes. It has a strong, long-lasting relaxing effect, perfect for smoking at the end of a hard day’s work.

  • Sativa/Indica: 55/45%
  • Flowering: 9-10 weeks indoors, beginning to mid-October outdoors.
  • Height: 1-1.2m indoors, 2-2.5m outdoors.

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