Moby Dick 2

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Category Dinafem

Moby Dick #2 by Dinafem will grow amazing yields outdoors in your garden or on your balcony. It has a beautiful fresh pine, incensed flavors just like the original plant.

Flavor Incense
Climate Cold
Effect Active-Alert
Genotype Sativa hybrid
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Moby Dick #2 by Dinafem is one of the best strains that this prestigious Spanish bank has on offer. This plant is just like the original Moby, with an improved flavor and pest-resistance. It comes from crossing a special JYD Haze with a resinous Northern Lights in order to give it its high THC levels.

Indoors these plants grow slightly smaller but you can get an astonishing 700g with just 7 plants per square meter. It has the exact same aroma, but the shape and density of the buds has been improved upon a whole lot thanks to its JYD Haze genes. It has a slightly longer flowering period to make for denser buds – the flowering period can take up to 70 days.

Outdoors, it’s an absolute machine and it feeds much better than the original strain. It’s quite hard to over-fertilize as it really does love eating up nutrients, so make sure the substrate you’re using is well-prepared. It needs a whole lot of sunlight to make the most out of itself, and you can get up to 1kg of top quality weed towards mid-to-the end of October.

It has a pine, lime-fresh flavor that’s quite irresistible. It has quite a strong high, both physically and mentally relaxing. We only recommend smoking this strain if you’re an experienced smoker.

  • Sativa/Indica: 55/45%
  • Flowering: 8 weeks indoors, mid-October outdoors.
  • Height: 0.8-1m indoors, 1-3m outdoors.

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