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Diesel by CBD Seeds grows enormously big plants. It has some intense petrol-like aromas, making it an exotic and fresh flavor experience.

Flavor Citric
Climate Hot
Effect Creative-stimulant
Genotype Sativa hybrid
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Diesel by CBD Seeds is one of the most famous plants in the United States due to its unique and potent flavors. This strain made its way to New York through clones, and was then crossed with a Super Skunk and Northern Lights – Diesel was born; it got its name due to the pungent aroma it lets off.

Indoors it can shoot up quite a lot, so you should use a SCRoG method in order to keep its height under control – this makes for shorter plants that concentrate yield in the middle. It takes about 70 days to flower. Diesel is a bit delicate when it comes to feeding, so you’ll need to keep on top of your measurements and space them out enough to ensure a healthy plant. You can get around 500g of the best cannabis if you place 9 plants per square meter with a 600w light.

Outdoors is where this plant will truly explode. It’s extremely stable, which is evident outdoors where these plants grow practically identical. You should be ready to harvest towards the beginning of October, and you can get 800g per plant. This is a high yield of some intensely flavorful weed with citric and charas-like qualities. It grows fast and strong, with thick and long branches, although you might want to tutor them as the buds grow rather large.

Diesel has a legendary flavor in the world of cannabis, with its citric nuances and intoxicating dense smoke. Its fame is related to how easy it is to grow and its amazing final results. We recommend smoking this strain surrounded by friends; we guarantee that you’ll end up laughing so much that your face hurts.

  • Sativa/Indica: 60/40%
  • Flowering: 70-75 days indoors, beginning of October outdoors.
  • Height: 1.1-1.7m indoors, 1.7-2.7m outdoors.

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