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High Level by Eva Seeds gives a 100% Haze mentally stimulating effect alongside a fruity flavor and short flowering period, especially considering the fact that it’s 100% sativa.

Flavor Earthy
Climate Cold
Effect Creative-stimulant
Genotype Sativa
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High Level by Eva Seeds is a strain that doesn’t ask for much; simply give it nutrients in its soil and water. It has a true sativa structure, tall and wide, with long branches that are full of potent buds.

Indoors it’s a bit different when it comes to growing – it hardly grows at all in as far as height once it begins flowering, so you’ll need to flip the lights once its grown about 50-70cm tall, so that when it finishes its life cycle it’ll be at around 80-100cm, producing up to 500g per square meter. The buds it grows are top quality and give a euphoric effect with its sweet, fruity flavors. It takes around 60 days to flower, making it perfect for growers that don’t have patience when it comes to waiting for their plants.

When grown outdoors it can grow up to 2.5m tall, producing up to 1kg per plant. You’ll need to wait until mid-october more or less in order to harvest this beauty. Its long, heavy branches can easily deal with the weight of the buds; although the buds are long, compared to the rest of plants in this bank’s catalogue, they’re not excessively heavy.

We recommend this strain for those that have a high tolerance to cannabinoids, as it’s quite strong and it could cause a whitey in anyone that isn’t used to smoking. Its Skunk genes give it an earthy, lemony aftertaste which is slightly more indica. This strain is perfect for sativa lovers thanks to its mixed effect and flavor.

  • Sativa/Indica: 100/0%
  • Flowering: 55-70 days indoors. Mid-October outdoors.
  • Height: 0.9-1.4m indoors, 1-2.5m outdoors.

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