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Critical Soma by Advanced Seeds is the perfect mix of yield and flavor in one plant; Critical’s high yield plus Somango’s sweet taste.

Flavor Fruity
Climate Dry
Effect Sleep-inducing relaxant
Genotype Mostly Indica
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Critical Soma by Advanced Seeds is a strain that can easily adapt to all kinds of grows and substrates. Critical Soma is the perfect mix of flavor and yield.

Indoors, you’ll need to begin flowering this plant soon before it grows too much, switching the lights to 12/12h from when the seeds germinate until 15 days maximum. This plant is pretty easy to grow, as it’ll eat up everything you give it and it’s pretty hard to over-fertilize. This plant is perfect for everyone, both beginners and more experienced growers.

Outdoors, you won’t have any issues with these plants’ height, as they’ll grow to around two meters and they’ll reward you with an amazing yield with the best flavor and aroma around, towards the end of September. This specimen has the same structure and buds as Critical plants, growing large and hard flowers that will end up bending the branches due to their weight – all of this, mixed with the best Somango fruity and sweet flavors around in a dense smoke that’ll make you cough more than once.

This strain has an indescribably flavorful taste, filling your entire mouth. We feel like this strain is a safe bet for those smokers that love Somango but find it a bit too difficult to grow or too tardy. Thanks to this stabilized hybrid, you can enjoy Somango flavor in critical buds.

  • Sativa/Indica: 20/80%
  • Flowering: 60-65 days indoors, end of September outdoors.
  • Height: 0.7-1.3m indoors, 0.8-1.9m outdoors.

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