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Kaya 47 by Advanced Seeds is a more stable and faster version of AK-47, created after a long process of crossing plants to get the best possible result.

Flavor Incense
Climate Hot
Effect Creative-stimulant
Genotype Mostly Indica
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Kaya 47 by Advanced Seeds comes from a meticulous selection of AK-47 strains with all of the typical AK properties, such as fungi-resistance and that original weed flavor. This version has been improved upon by increasing flowering speed, meaning that you can enjoy this mythical and amazing strain even earlier.

Kaya 47 makes the most of itself indoors, growing long and thick central colas of bud, meaning you can place more plants in your grow tent. You’ll need to grow at 12/12 right from the get go, as these plants can grow uncontrollably tall.  In 85 days you’ll be rewarded with quite a high yield of top-quality weed, which has quite a strong smell and is a rather potent smoke. When trimming, you’ll notice that it doesn’t have many leaves, which will make it a lot easier. It’s absolutely full of resin, so you’ll be able to get decent extracts too.

Outdoors is a whole other story; when the cold nights come around, the buds will get harder and become more sativa – harder and full of resin, but not that big. These plants can grow to three meters tall and you can get up to 500g per plant towards mid-October.

Kaya 47’s flavor brings you right back to the 80s, where these kinds of strains where absolutely everywhere; citric tones with a minty-fresh taste that’s characteristic of the times. It has an amazing high that’s dense and strong, but at the same time soft and laughter-inducing- If you’re looking for an amazing AK-47 version, you’ve found the one at the best price available!

  • Sativa/Indica: 60/40%
  • Flowering: 75-85 days indoors. Mid-October outdoors.
  • Height: 0.8-1m indoors, 2-3m outdoors.

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