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Sweet Purple by Paradise Seeds is a plant that does well with growing mishaps and rot, making it perfect for humid climates. This strain takes on beautiful blue colors towards the end of the flowering period.

Flavor Fruity
Climate Rainy
Effect Medicinal antidepressant
Genotype Sativa hybrid
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Sweet Purple by Paradise Seeds is an outstanding plant in more ways than one; it’s easy to grow, gives amazing results, and its effects are mainly sought-after by those that love strains with Purple genes in them. This plant is both sweet and strong, as it’s used to humid Dutch climates, making it perfect for growers in the North of Spain or other countries with shorter summers. You’ll love this plants' wild berry flavor and acidic undertone.

Indoors it kind of isn’t worth growing, as you’ll need a lot of light and a lot of space – it can grow up to 2.5m tall, taking up way too much space which isn’t ideal for grow tents. If you manage to keep it stable during the entire grow, it’ll give small yields indoors but the quality will be outstanding. You’ll want to hold on to the trimmings in order to make extracts, as every single leaf finishes the flowering period coated in resin. It should be ready after about 50 flowering days.

Outdoors this beauty grows nice and strong pretty much anywhere you plant it. Once it begins flowering, you’ll notice that its buds and the tips of the leaves turn a slightly purple color, making it extremely eye-catching. Simply wait until the end of September/beginning of October in order to cut down this beautiful plant that can easily put up with a bit of cold and humidity. You can harvest an outstanding 500g per plant under the right conditions.

It gives a mixed sort of effect due to its stabilized hybrid genes, both mentally and physically relaxing that’ll allow you to kick back and relax, forgetting about all of your worries.

  • Sativa/Indica: 50/50%           
  • Flowering: 50 days indoors, end of September/beginning of October outdoors
  • Height: 0.5-2.5m indoors, 1.5-3m outdoors.

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