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VK Extractor for ventilating cannabis grows. Choose the perfect model for your grow room or tent from several sizes.

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VK Extractors are perfect for cannabis grows, and you can check the chart below to check the air flow and noise it makes.

These extractor fans are both affordable and extremely quiet thanks to the fact that they’re made out of light plastic – compared to other extractor fans it hardly makes any noise. It can be used as an exhaust or an intake in large rooms.

It’s designed to be quite durable and last for years – it can be left on for 24h without any issues. It doesn’t come with a plug or cable, which you’ll need to acquire separately.

Model Air flow (m3/h) Noise (dA/B) Power (W) rpm
VK 100P 250 47 59 2500
VK 125P 365 47 61 2500
VK 150P 495 46 64 2500
VK 200P 790 49 110 2400
VK 250P 1150 50 170 2400
VK 315P 1325 50 155 2400

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