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With the CO2 Kit, you’ll see how your plants yield larger crops. Also, all the processes will be sped up and you’ll have greater productions.

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Disposable-bottle CO2 Kit to provide your marijuana plants with an extra input of CO2. It comes with a 500g CO2 bottle, a pressure reducer to control the amount that comes out of the bottle, not emptying it in a week, and a electro-valve to open or close the nozzle with a timer or a more professional CO2 controller.

To mount the electro-valve, you only need to remove the cover’s screw. Now, you’ll see another three screws, one separated from the other two. The yellow wire is the ground and hooks to the separated screw. The blue and brown ones hook to the other two screws. Now, you only have to use a timer or a CO2 controller.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colorless, odor less and non-flammable gas that is always in the air around us. The air we breathe has 300-400 ppm of CO2.

Adding more CO2 to the grow room stimulates the growth and makes the plants stand better the high temperatures.

The CO2 enrichment fosters the growth of foliage, stems and branches in shorter times. The faster ramification increases the number of inflorescences.

The CO2 level must be kept between 1000 and 1500 ppm.

WARNING! Carbon dioxide can make people dizzy when it’s above 5000 ppm, being toxic at higher levels. When the CO2 reaches those levels there's always a lack of oxygen.

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