Eco Grower Max by GHE General Hydroponics


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The fantastic hydroponic system Eco Grower Max lets you grow up to 6 plants with a super simple and reduced-size system.

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If you're looking for a simple and economical hydroponic system, this is your model. Grow up to 6 plants in a very reduced space. Thanks to its hexagonal shape, you can join different units, creating a sort of hive.

The system is very simple: it consists of 6 mesh pots placed on the lid of a reservoir.

An air pump propels the water that irrigates the 6 pots through micro-tubes while water comes back to the tank. It is very simple but more than enough to grow your plants and get good productions.

Eco Grower Max by GHE General Hydroponics includes:

  • 70L water tank.
  • Irrigation micro-tubes (spider shape), to set an outlet per pot.
  • 6 pots to insert into your Eco Grower Max.
  • Mesh pots to hold expanded clay.
  • Bag of expanded clay.
  • Air pump to propel irrigation water.
  • TriPack Flora Series by GHE.

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