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Octopot by Neptune Hydroponics is a hydroponic growing system that's very easy to use. Octopot consists of 8 pots located on top of tank to ensure there will be no leaks.

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Octopot by Neptune Hydroponics is a novel and very sophisticated hydroponic system which will allow you to get fantastic results.

It features a very simple operation mode which simplifies growing and provides great results without excessive work. This is why we strongly recommend it to any grower who wants to go deeper into the hydroponic cultivation world.

All you have to do is fill the pots with substrate (expanded clay is recommended, although other substrates are also suitable) and place your plants inside. From then onwards, all you'll have to do is check and keep the right values of Ec and pH.

Octopot drains perfectly with any kind of substrate and is delivered along with two types of pieckaxes so you can choose the appropriate irrigation method whether it is with expanded clay or other medium such as coco fiber.

With easy access to the pump and the nutrient solution, it won't take much hassle to reach to it in order to check the growing parameters. 

Perfect to get started with hydroponics for its convenience and simplicity.

Specifications and content of the pack:

  • Brand: Neptune Hydroponics.
  • Complete system (with pump, pipes,...).
  • Designed for 8 plants.
  • Tank volume: 100L.
  • 8 square pots (10L) included.
  • Drip irrigation system for 8 plants.
  • Dimensions of the system: 100x57x50cm.

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