Neptune Propagator DWC 105


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Nutriculture Propagator DWC 105 lets you grow up to 105 cuttings with minimal effort in 7 days. Ideal system for clones or seedlings. Very simple and effective.

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Propagator DWC 105 is made of great quality materials while a lot of care has been put into its manufacturing. Rooting cuttings won't be difficult at all.

This system does it all for you since it keeps constant and controlled moisture so that rooting is balanced and even. We'll get best quality cuttings, ready to be planted in any growing medium.

It's been designed by professionals so you don't need to worry about anything: every detail has been taken care of so that you can enjoy an easy cultivation, even if you don't have much experience.

All you'll have to do is cut the desired branches to start taking cuttings from your favorite plant. Put it in one of the mesh pots in the propagator with at least one internode inside the balls.

Next, you have to connect the air pump to the air diffuser (air stones). These devices will make sure the air reaches the stems so roots start appearing in a few days. Your cuttings will be then ready to be transplanted to be grown in hydroponics, aeroponics or with substrate.


  • 115 x 63 x 27 cm


  • Air pump Elite 802 (2 outlets).
  • 4 air stones (30 cm).
  • Non-toxic 2m silicon tube.
  • Air "T" (2 units).
  • 70L tank.
  • DWC propagator tray 105 cavities.
  • Mesh pots (105 units).

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Category Neptune Hydroponics Reference esquejero dwc 105 EAN13 05058004 UPC 33

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