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Get started with aeroponics thanks to Amazon by Nutriculture. This system lets you grow your plants easily even at the balcony of your house.

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When you grow in aeroponics, your plants can get to a new level. Plants have access to all the nutrients, oxygen and water required for the next 24 h so they will develop much faster and will yield more at the end of the cycle. 

Besides, when you don't use any substrate it becomes to have pests attacks. The roots will grow healthy and strong while they remain visible for you to check them.

The system is simple: it consists of a water tank with nebulizers to keep plants hydrated at all times and a lid with holes lying over it and on which we'll arrange our plants inside mesh pots. 

As roots grow up, they will get closer to the tank, absorbing nutrients unrestrainedly and forming buds like you've never seen them before. You can put it anywhere: from a balcony or terrace to an indoor room. Easy to assembly and clean. It will be with you for a long time.

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