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AquaKing pump

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Aquaking Submersible Airpump 600L/h will keep irrigation water oxygenated in large tanks of up to 500-600L.

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AquaKing pumps are super silent and extremely powerful; you can use them to set up automatic irrigation, water your plants with a watering wand or circulate your water constantly.

AquaKing pu8mps are powerful, with the added bonus that they don’t actually use that much power and they’re quite silent, making them perfect for your marijuana crops, where you obviously need powerful and silent devices.

These pumps employ a lot of pressure so that you can use your watering wand efficiently, almost as if it were an actual hose. For wand use, 3000-4000L/h should be enough pressure.

You can use it to empty tanks or to grow by drip irrigation without having to worry about the water reaching the end or not.

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