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Keep the air of your room or house entrance free from odors with Cornwall Ozonizer 200mg/h. Get rid of bad smells wherever you wish.

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Place a Cornwall Ozonizer 200mg/h anywhere you wish and you will eradicate marijuana odors during the drying process along with the bad smell of joints, tobacco or feet. It covers about 15m2.

It has several programs so that you can switch it on for as long as you think it is necessary in order to control odors. The maximum operation time is half an hour every hour.

The upper button lets you choose how long you want it to be switched on, the middle one is to choose how many minutes you want it to work whenever it's on and the lower one is to turn it on and off.

To install it, you just have to fit an eyebolt or take advantage of one in the zone at about 2m off the floor so that ozone can expand properly in the area.

You will notice bad odors disappear and that the smell of joints or marihuana doesn't get out. You can place it on the door of your marihuana drying room so that ozone doesn't get in touch with your plants, nor does it go into your house.


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