Greendel anti mildew and rust fungicide


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Greendel fungicide to fight mildew and rust. When your plants are attacked by fungi, spray them with this product and see for yourself how your plants reach the end of the cycle without being affected by them.

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Greendel fungicide to fight mildew and rust. It is very effective to eradicate these tiresome and long-lasting plagues. Mildew is a type of fungus that attacks our plants all year round and in all growing media, both indoors and outdoors. When there is a mildew attack, there is no other way: either you treat your plants with some product or you can say goodbye to the harvest. Indeed, if this fungus managed to develop, your crop would be ruined since your product wouldn't be suitable for smoking.

We advise you start using it as a preventive treatment to avoid future upsets. If you see some small white stains that look like small circumferences of white powder on the leaves of your plants, don't let it progress any further and spray your plants right away with Greendel anti-mildew and rust. This product manages to stop the production of fungus spores, preventing it from spreading.

It contains Tebuconazole, a chemical compound you  have to be very careful with. Indeed, too high a dose of this compound or when applied to very young plants, could cause the leaves to burn.

Dose and instructions for use of Anti-mildew and rust Greendel:

  • 1ml per L of water, sprayed every 20 days as a preventive treatment.
  • 1ml per L of water every week to eliminate fungi when they are already there.
  • Stop using it 21 days before harvesting.

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Category Greendel insecticides and fungicides Reference Greendel UPC 37

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