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White large pot/container with handles in 30L, 40L and 50L. Long-lasting and strong. Very easy to clean.

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White round plastic pots in large sizes (from 17L to 50L). Ideal when you plant your specimens outdoors since they'll provide you with a good container where to transplant them with new soil and become a nice shrub. Handles make it easy to carry them inside at night.

Their white color helps sunlight to rebound on the walls and not to heat the roots up. By keeping the roots area cooler, the probabilities of the radicular system rotting due to the combined action of water and heat will be lower.

The largest containers feature handles that stick out of the pot while the 17L and 27L ones feature handles at the edge of the pot. All of them include good holes at the bottom part to ensure a good drainage. Therefore, even if the containers are large, it will be difficult for water to accumulate unless you water them too much consistently.


 - Small:

  • 33.50 cm diameter.
  • 29 cm high.

 - Medium:

  • 40 cm diameter.
  • 35 cm high.

 - Large:

  • 48 cm diameter.
  • 39 cm high.

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Category Pots Reference Maceta Asas UPC 16

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