Pot for Slab with drainage elbows

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Pots for coco slabs or rockwool. Place your slab along with your watering system in this pot with drain and enjoy an easy to assemble hydroponic system. 

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Pot for 1m slabs with drainage elbows so that, when you install your irrigation system, water is properly channelled and drained. All you have to do it is tilt it a bit and it will be done.

This pot leaves a hollow space between the slab and the bottom which is always full of water to ensure the right level of humidity for the roots is kept at all times.

The slabs let you do a very convenient cultivation system with automatic irrigation. Grow low plants with a lot of yield.

Dimensions are 1m x 20cm x 7.5cm (which is about 12L) and let you place up to 5 cuttings. You can also include the slabs in your order.

They fit perfectly in grow tables which are designed to catch the runoff of all slabs.

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