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Mesh pots for your aeroponic and hydroponic systems. These mesh pots will allow you to plant your cuttings with expanding clay, preventing the balls from coming out.

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Mesh pots. Ideal for all hydro systems. Valid for Dutch Pot, DWC POt and several aeroponic and hydroponic systems.

Fill your pots with expanded clay and plant your cuttings or seeds inside. Roots will come out from the pot, looking for water. Thanks to the mesh they'll be able to do it freely and there will be no problems related to roots jamming or bad drainage.

Easy to clean and reusable time and time again until they break. In several sizes to suit your growing space.

External dimensions:

2" Teku = 5.5cm (only sold in packs of 90)
3" = 8.2cm wide x 7cm tall (available in separate units)
6" = 15.5cm wide x 12cm tall (available in separate units)

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Category Pots Reference Macetas de Rejilla UPC 16

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