1x1m Black Grow Tray/Table


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These black grow trays have a drain on one side – by simply inclining it slightly you can automatically drain excess water from your plants into a tank.

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Anyone that has a 1x1m grow tent knows the struggle of getting the right sized tray for your plants – conventional grey growing tables simply won’t fit, but now we have one that can be used as either a tray or a table and will fit perfectly in your tent.

This 1x1m growing table will allow you to keep your grow tent much cleaner – you can water your plants and all of the excess water can simply drain away into a tank situated wherever you’d like.

It’s also entirely waterproof so you can water and spray your plants without needing to worry about leakage and humidity in your grow tent. It’s easy to clean too, and you can buy the special fitted legs for the tray to convert it into a table here on our page.

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