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Grow tables and trays tend to have a drain for water extraction, and that is where you need to put one of these filters. This way, you can rest assured that no leaves or any other type of residue will get into your irrigation system.

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Sometimes when using grow tables or trays, water is recirculated repeatedly like it happens with Slab rockwool systems.

All you have to do is put the filter at the end of the drainpipe so that all residues, leaves and dirt (like salt and extra soil) don't get into the water tank.

Using one of these filters lets you keep your grow tables clean and makes them last longer.

Also, thanks to its flat shape, you can place one more plant on top of it. Don’t let your irrigation water fill up with dirt and plant residues.

You can also get a drainage cone, which is attached to the water outlet, and double your filter’s efficiency by making sure 0% residues end up in your water.

These filters are a great way to take care of your grow table and avoid unexpected issues. You can get them now at an incredible price on 

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