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Root Riot 100 starter cubes by Growth Technology (by the brand Clonex) to do marijuana cuttings. This substrate full of hormones will make your cuttings root super fast in a record time.

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Root Riot by Growth Technology (the brand by Clonex) contains 100 starter cubes to fill the cloning plate. It is like a seedbed with medium-sized holes already made to introduce the cuttings. The plate is then introduced inside a propagator. It is a very safe way of doing your cuttings since most of them will root effortlessly. It is recommended to use an electric propagator to keep temperature and humidity under control for a guarantee of success (99.9%).

Once the selected sprouts have been cut with a scalpel or sharp scissors we'll introduce them in Clonex and then, directly into a Riot Root cube. The cutting should have been made with a clean cut and diagonally.

Then, we'll introduce all the cubes in a plate and this one in the propagator. Once we have finished doing the cuttings or when the propagator is full, we'll close it (closing the small windows for 2-3 days). After that, we'll open the breathers slightly and make sure humidity does not fall below 70%.  We'll keep these conditions until we notice the growth of the seedlings or we observe roots coming out of the starter cube, Root Riot.

Root Riot starter cubes contain the exact level of moisture to do your cuttings without having to wet them. In this way, you can be sure you have not overdone or fallen short when watering them. They contain reasonable amounts of rooting hormones so that all you have to do is introduce the cutting in the starter cube and leave it in a greenhouse until it has properly rooted. The cubes come in a perfectly sealed pack to keep their properties until you open it.

Root Riot by Growth Technology contains:

  • 100 starter cubes enriched with hormones and nutrients to root marijuana cuttings.

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