Solux 600-watt Dimmable Electronic Lighting Kit

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Lighting kit with a Solux 600-watt dimmable electronic ballast, a reflector and a light bulb of your desired spectrum, all of which you choose from among the best brands.

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The Solux dimmable lighting kit will help your crop develop a higher quality and yields than conventional kits. Electronic ballasts don’t get that hot, so you need less refrigeration while making the most of the consumed energy.

They supply 30% more light since it emitted as a continuous flow. This is something that can be noticed with the naked eye, but you’ll see the difference with the camera of your cell phone. More light translates into abundant, better and heavier crops.

The Solux ballast can de dimmed from 300W to 660W, with the same 600W bulb. You can supply the needed power for each stage of the plant’s development. Low powers reduce the temperature in the grow space, and you can boost the power up in colder months.

You can choose a bulb from among the best brands in the market for the growth, the flowering or even dual bulbs. This way, you will have the ideal light for each crop, helping you get the most of your plants.

Choose the reflector that best suits your needs, they’re responsible for distributing the light but in a different way. Cool Tube reflectors will help you refrigerate the crop, lowering the temperature a few degrees. Adjust-a-Wings ensures that the light beams directed downwards, helping achieve uniform plants. The Standard smooth/hammertone reflector is ideal for grower that don’t want to spend too much money. It properly reflects the light and is quite economical.

Be sure to remove the protective plastic sticker that usually comes with the reflector before you plug the Kit into the mains.

The Solux electronic lighting kit consists of:

  • A Solux 600-watt dimmable electronic ballast, very light and consumes less than electromagnetic ones.
  • Reflector to choose from Cool Tube (125mm or 150 mm), Smooth/hammertone, Adjust-a-Wings Enforcer (several sizes) or Adjust-a-Wings Avenger (several sizes).
  • A grow light bulb, chosen from any brand and spectrum.
  • Plug & Play cable.

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