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In these hermetically sealed containers you can easily carry around your weed without having any smell get out. Keep your weed under wraps and in perfect condition with these containers.

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To cure and conserve your weed you need to keep it somewhere where it’s not in contact with air and light so that it doesn’t lose any of its important properties. With the TightVac hermetically sealed containers you can conserve your cannabis for a very long time without any air or light getting in, as well as ensuring that no odor escapes the container itself.

They’re very easy to use; they have a button that when pressed will let air through a valve; to open and close the container you need to hold this button down while pulling or pushing on the lid so that air can flow through the container and it can be opened/closed.

These containers have many different uses, but the main use is most likely for your dried weed. Once your weed is about to be fully dry, you need to stick it into hermetically sealed boxes so that the remaining humidity can kill off the chlorophyll in the buds. You’ll need to open and close the containers once a day to let the chlorophyll out little by little – once this process is done, your weed will have increased its quality by a lot, both in flavor and potency. You can also use Boveda humidity packages to help this process along.

You can also use it to carry around your weed without letting the entire world know that you’re carrying cannabis. The smaller sized containers are perfect for sticking into your bag without having its entire contents reek of weed.

There are various sizes of TightVac containers for various different purposes – you can get small ones to enormous ones, which are all opaque so that no light can get through and damage your cannabis.

They’re extremely easy to clean. They’re made out of top quality plastic that doesn’t leave any sort of residue in your cannabis.


  • 0.06L – 71 x 42mm
  • 0.12L – 73 x 59mm
  • 0.29L – 94 x 75mm
  • 0.57L – 142 x 84mm
  • 1.30L – 200 x 104mm
  • 2.35L – 258 x 122mm
  • 3.80L – 212 x 169mm
  • 10L – 352 x 199mm

ATTENTION: the color of the lid may change although all lids are opaque.

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