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Square, stackable drying rack used to reduce the amount of space needed to dry your buds; handier than racks that hang from the ceiling.

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Stackable drying racks allow you to combine all of your buds in the one space; thanks to being stackable, you can give your buds the perfect air-flow.

You can easily make the most out of your space and unstack them when you’re done.

You can set it up pretty much anywhere you want and dry quite a lot of cannabis buds in a small space.

These stackable racks are practical and affordable when it comes to the amount of time and work you’ll be saving. They’re more comfortable than those that hang from the ceiling, as they can sometimes move about if you accidentally bump it.

REMEMBER! Drying cannabis is quite a slow process that can take from 15 to 20 total days. Keep in mind that it also takes around 10 days to cure, so this slow process can sometimes take up to a month if you’re looking for perfect weed.

Measurements: 70x70cm

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Category Tools Reference Malla Secado Apilable EAN13 10067004 UPC 28

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