Replacement grating for the Trimpro Original (rougher cut)


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Replacement grating for your Trimpro Original trimmer. It is made of the best steel and has a non-stick surface that will make your work with your buds much better.

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A steel replacement grate for your Trimpro Original.

The Trimpro Original is a famous trimmer because of its excellent results, but unfortunately, not everything lasts forever, and at some point you will have to change some pieces on your trimmer so that they continue to cut and manicure with the same quality as the first day.

The grating is one of the areas that is most affected by deterioration, since the buds are in contact with it, and when they receive lots of use, they can turn into a trimmer that sheds almost no trim from the flowers because of the resin build-up. You won’t be able to achieve a fine cut, and that is why these replacement pieces are here at such a good price.

Any user can maintain his or her Trimpro Original like new with these replacement pieces that will be sure to make your manicuring be uniform and attractive, leaving you with some perfectly symmetrical buds that will have a very commercial diameter.

It has a non-stick surface and also a rougher cut to take off even the toughest leaves from your plant, which will leave you with a finished product that is quite attractive and requires only a little effort.

A great tool to not lose any quality in the trimming process.

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