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With the Trimpro Rotor, you’ll have the best quality finishes on your buds with maximum security when it comes time to use the trimmer. Direct to the drying screens without any leaves.

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Now you won’t have to risk cuts or any accidents when it comes time to use your trimmer, you’ll just have to separate the flowers from the branches and with the leaves still attached, place it in the trimmer. When it is plugged in, the Trimpro Rotor will begin to turn the buds.

Underneath the grating, there is a blade that will remove all the leaves from the flower and give you a final product that is clean and attractive, and the left over leaves are deposited below in a bag if you set up the WorkStation on a table with the Trimpro Rotor.

The blade has an adjustable height, so you can choose the level of trimming you want for the final product.

After, don’t waste any of the resin, since you can collect it from the trimmer and make chars like those you make when your cutting with scissors. With the leaves, you can do hashish or BHO extractions, so that you don’t waste any part of your beloved plant.

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