Fast Food BAC 1´5L 100% organic fertilizer for autos


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BAC FastFood is an all-in-one fertilizer for your autoflowering plants. You’ll get amazing results in as far as production rate and flavor with just this one product.

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BAC FastFood is a fertilizer specially developed for Autoflowering plants’ entire life cycle. It gives amazing results when it comes to yield and flavor in just one product. Fast food for fast plants: a revolution in the world of fertilizers.

Don’t stress yourself out trying to find the right product; use BAC Fast Food on your Autoflowering plants and you won’t need anything else in order for your plants to flower abundantly. This 100% organic fertilizer will make your crop much easier to manage. It gives amazing results, and you can combine it with BAC stimulators, like Auto Stimulator, for some really juicy results.

It is a 100% organic product that you can use in soil and Coconut grow mediums, guaranteeing a 100% natural flavor. It is not recommended for use in automatic irrigation systems because it could clog the ducts.

You will be pleasantly surprised with the results you get from BAC Fast Food, as it greatly reduces the time you need to spend preparing your nutrient mix. Excellent results are obtained with both indoor and outdoor crops.

If you are a beginner grower, or are thinking of starting to grow your own marijuana, it is a good idea to start with Autoflowering plants and Fast Food from BAC, because it will be really easy to harvest some of your first, beautiful, resinous buds.

Dosage and how to use BAC Fast Food:

  • Add 4ml per liter of water throughout the entire growth process.


We recommend a lighter dose:

  • Use 2ml / L for the first 13 days of your plants life cycle. Raise the dosage progressively until a maximum of 5 is reached; make sure to adjust the pH to 6.5 after each dose.
  • You can alternate its use once every other irrigation, which is definitely enough to keep your plants fed during their entire life cycle.


BAC Fast Food's Composition:

  • Nitrogen 5%.
  • Phosphorus 4%.
  • Potassium 8%.

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