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BAC's Final Solution cleans your plants' roots by creating enzymes and stimulating the microorganisms that produce them, which end up eliminating all waste matter and residues.

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BAC Final Solution cleans your plants' roots so you can harvest them at their fullest potential; their flowers retain their original flavor and won’t be scratchy on the throat and make you cough. It creates enzymes that eliminate all waste matter, transforming it into new nutrients available for your plants to absorb; it also stimulates the microorganisms that produce nutrients.

This product neutralizes both sodium and chlorine in your irrigation water, meaning that the nutrients you give your plants will be high-quality. This is a very strong and concentrated product; you don’t need very high doses.

BAC Final Solution was especially designed to help your plants assimilate all the nutrients provided through BAC PK Booster, which you should add to your flowering base fertilizer.

Your plants’ roots are guaranteed to be thoroughly cleaned with BAC Final Solution. The formula creates the perfect environment for microorganisms that, in turn, create enzymes that finish off any unnecessary substances, turning them into nutrients and making for a root system and substrate free from any unwanted or undesirable residues.

Dosage and how to use:

In combination with organic fertilizers:

  • Add 3ml to every 5 liters of water and irrigate during the first week of flowering and at the final week before harvest.

In combination with mineral fertilizers:

  • Add 3ml to every 5 liters of water and irrigate in the 5th week of the flowering period.

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