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X-seed by BAC guarantees incredible success when germinating your cannabis seeds. You only have to immerse them for an hour in this liquid and they'll germinate as strong as possible.

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BAC's X-Seed is a revolutionary product that assures you professional germination for your cannabis seeds. You just have to submerge them for an hour and they should germinate with an incredible strength. You will get 100% germination success rates and if they do not germinate, then it is a sign that they would never have germinated.

A very easy-to-use, patented formula with amazing effects that are astonishing scientists and growers around the world.

When you dip your seeds in X-Seed, you are giving the help and that essential boost they need during the delicate moment of germinating them. In a few hours, they will be ready to pass into the growing medium, fully open and with its first root poking out.

Simply submerge your seeds in X-Seed for 60 min so that they can soak it up. Germinate them inside some Tupperware with napkins, by means of the method of our video on YouTube on "how to germinate." Then put them in the substrate of your choice, they will come out with a vigor and speed like you've never seen before.

You will gain up to a week of growth, which can save a lot of time and money on indoor crops. It also allows cultivating outdoors when we believe that the planting date has already passed, giving them a vigorous finale so that they are as strong as possible as soon as possible.

Do not leave the seeds inside BAC X-Seed for more than 60 minutes.

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