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This Advanced Hydroponics pack contains all of the nutrients you need to begin growing hydroponically under the best grow conditions.

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The Advanced Hydroponics pack contains all nutrients and additives by Advanced Hydroponics of Holland in order to allow you to grow successfully in hydroponics or aeroponics. Can be used indoors and outdoors.

With this Advanced Hydroponics of Holland pack you’ll be able to give your plants everything they need in order to get a professional harvest.

This pack includes Dutch Formula 1, 2 and 3 (Grow, Bloom and Micro). It also includes the best additives such as Natural Power Root Stimulator, giving your plants a strong and healthy root system. Natural Power Enzymes+ will keep your substrate nice and rejuvenated, turning any residues into sugars – use with moderation in indoor grows as your plants may grow much bigger than expected.

Once the flowering period begins, you should switch out the Root Stimulator for the Natural Power Growth/Bloom Excellerator, keeping up a healthy amount of beneficial microorganisms in your plants’ substrate. Growth/Bloom Excellerator makes for the best flowering spurt and an amazing fattening period, and it’s used in extremely small concentrations.

When there’s just a week left until the harvesting period, you’ll need to substitute all products with Natural Power Final Solution without mixing it with anything else - just water. It’s used to remove all salts from the substrate and improve the quality of your buds.


  • Dutch Formula Grow 1 - 500ml
  • Dutch Formula Bloom 2 – 500ml
  • Dutch Formula Micro 3 – 500ml
  • Root Stimulator – 250ml
  • Growth/Bloom Excellarator – 250ml
  • Enzymes+ 250ml
  • Final Solution 250ml

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