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Flawless Finish is used towards the end of the grow in order to get rid of all of the chemicals used when fertilizing. This basically improves the flavor of your plants, as sometimes flushing them with just water doesn’t work properly. Flawless Finish – professional results.

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Flawless Finish is used to get rid of any excess nutrients and salts leftover in your plants towards the end of the flowering period. This cleaner contains chelates that work to absorb and block any leftover nutrients in the substrate, making for a clean plant that’s ready to be harvested.

It can be used in drip irrigation systems, hydroponic systems and aeroponic systems. You can set your watering system to simply circulate for about six hours, using Flawless Finish in order to completely flush out the roots, and then just use water until you plan on harvesting.

For soil, we recommend watering at least twice with Flawless Finish, allowing the soil to dry fully between waterings, and then use just water on its own towards the end.

7 to 10 days before harvesting is when you’ll need to get rid of any excess nutrients in order to ensure that the flowers taste as delicious as possible when smoked. It also stops the resulting yield from causing a raspy throat when smoked, which generally happens when your buds still have excess nutrients in them.

Dosage and how to use Flawless Finish:

  • 2ml per liter of water during the last week before harvesting.
  • Use with every watering.

Flawless Finish composition:

  • Magnesium 0.97%
  • Sulfur 1.3%

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