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Ata Organics Box from Atami, a fertilizer kit for all phases of your grow, without depriving you of anything, and it's 100% organic. This is taste and production at its best.

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Ata Organics Box by Atami is a 100% organic kit that gives us the opportunity to combine the whole range of the brand to give you everything you need for your plants, all natural, without leaving any remaining fertilizer traces when it comes time for cutting them. Cultivate with the content of this fantastic box and you will enjoy the authentic and natural flavor of your marijuana.

In this package you will find the following products:

Root C, a very powerful root stimulator that will allow your plants to assimilate large amounts of nutrients. The roots will grow very vigorously, allowing a rapid vegetative development of the aerial part.

Growth C, a basic fertilizer for the growth phase that will provide the necessary nutrients for the correct development of your plants. Your plants will grow strong, green and healthy.

Flower C, a flowering stimulator to prepare the structure of your plants for an abundant and heavy flowering. Allowing the branches of your plants to hold large, resinous buds.

Bloom C, a basic fertilizer for the flowering phase that will provide all the food your plants need to bloom and fatten buds.

Flavor, a terpene enhancer that will increase the aroma and the natural flavor of your flowers with a contribution of sugars and other macro and micro elements that will also multiply the consistency and weight of the final product.

In short, all the fertilizers needed for the entire cycle of your plants, from the first rooted, until the cuts. To obtain the best yields of your harvest with Ata Organics Box, consult the comfortable table by Atami, very easy to apply in your crop.

Contents of ATAMI's ATA Organics Box:

  • Root C 250ml.
  • Growth C 1L.
  • Flavor 1L.
  • Bloom C 1L.
  • Flower C 500ml.

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