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Blossom Builder Liquid by B’Cuzz by Atami gives growers the opportunity to grow thick, resinous buds that are hard to beat.

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Blossom Builder Liquid by B’Cuzz by Atami – with this product you can make your plants grow thicker, harder buds towards the end of the flowering period. This product is generally used during the last four flowering and maturing weeks.

Add it to your water with the rest of your usual nutrients, giving your plants extra phosphorus and potassium which is definitely what they need most during the flowering stage. Atami’s nutrients are easy for your plants to absorb. Once you try Blossom Builder, you’ll never want to stop using it.

It causes an explosive flowering period in your plants, as well as strengthening their branches and stems so that they can hold up their massive buds. Your plants’ should start thickening and fattening their buds, with obvious results towards the end; healthy green, thick, hard and resinous buds. Customers have praised this product enough for us to know that it’s a guaranteed success.

Dosage and how to use B’Cuzz Blossom Builder:

  • Add 0.25-0.30ml per liter of water to your nutrient solution from the second flowering week onwards.
  • Add up to 0.5ml per liter of water to your nutrient solution the last week before flushing the roots with just water.

Chemical composition of Blossom Builder by B'CuzZ from ATAMI:

PK 14-24 (w / w)

  • 0.08% Nitrogen.
  • - 0.05% Nitrogen soluble in water.
  • 14,04% Phosphorus oxide.
  • - 6,12% Phosphorus soluble in water.
  • 23.74% Potassium oxide
  • - 19.70% Potassium soluble in water.
  • 0.17% Sodium oxide.
  • - 0.12% soluble in water.
  • 0.20 Calcium Oxide.
  • - 0,14 Calcium soluble in water.
  • 0.15% Magnesium oxide.
  • - 0,09% Magnesium soluble in water.
  • 0.10% Sulfur Oxide.
  • - 0,04% Water soluble sulfur.
  • 0.002% Iron.
  • 0.001% Boron.
  • 0.001 Molybdenum.

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