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Coco Bloomstimulator by B’Cuzz can give your plants the boost they need when grown in coco coir. This fertilizer is perfectly balanced, natural and organic.

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Coco Bloomstimulator by B’Cuzz gives coco coir growers the same benefits as Bloomstimulator gives soil growers. Growers all over Europe have tried this stimulant and know just how well it works.

Use this product in your irrigation water from start to finish, in order to grow large, long colas of buds all over your cannabis plants. Thanks to its organic composition, it won’t leave any sort of residues in your plants’ substrate; it makes for an airy substrate and allows your plants’ roots to absorb more nutrients.

If you combine this product with Coco Booster you can get some astonishing results, with long branches of buds pointing out from all directions of your plants. This complete fertilizer is perfect for the flowering period; 100% organic.

Dosage and how to use Coco Bloom Stimulator by B ‘Cuzz:

  • Apply from the start of the flowering period.
  • 0.5ml per liter of water in grow rooms with little light during the flowering period – alternate with nutrients and pure water.
  • 1ml per liter of water in grow rooms with a lot of light during the flowering period – alternate with nutrients and pure water.

Composition of Coco BloomStimulator of B'cuzZ from ATAMI:

NPK 0-0-0,7

Potassium oxide ( K2O) 0.59%
Natrium oxide (Na2O) 1.24%
TSulfer trioxide (SO3) 0.20%
Iron (Fe) 0.031%%
Boron (B) 0.003%

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