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Bio Grow BioBizz is a 100% organic vegetative fertilizer, that let's you give everything you need to your plant for the vegetative cycle. Your plants will develop to be strong and healthy.

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Bio Grow by BioBizz is a basic fertilizer for the vegetative phase, with 100% organic ingredients, which gives you everything you need for your plants for the first cycle of their life. Your plants will grow vigorously and become large, strong and healthy.

You can combine it with stimulators and other additives of any brand. But to get a professional harvest we recommend consulting the simple nutrient chart from BioBizz. For example, adding Root-Juice from Biobizz, you will get rapid root development, which results in a much larger aerial mass and better harvests.

This fertilizer with top quality ingredients has been formulated expressly for use in crops with organic substrates such as coconut and soil. It should not be used in automated irrigation systems because it will probably clog ductwork and drippers.

With Bio Grow from Bio Bizz, you will be giving your plants a natural blend of more than 80 components. No phosphates, which are harmful to the environment and to people. Valid for all types of soil and mixtures of peat. Its components activate the bacterial life of the soil, making the nutrients available in the soil more assimilable. You will get the best yields with this 100% natural fertilizer, made from beet and sugar cane.

Dosage and how to use BioBizz Bio-Grow:

  • Add 2-4ml per liter to the irrigation water. Always water with the nutrient mixture until the flowering phase begins and then replace it with Bio-Bloom.

BioBizz Bio-Grow Composition:

NPK 4-3-6

  • Nitrogen 4%.
  • - Ammoniacal 1.5%
  • - Nitrate 0.2%.
  • - Organic nitrogen 2.3%
  • Phosphorus 3%
  • Potassium 6%

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