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ClonFix by Hesi is a hormone gel to root marijuana cuttings. It will make the selected shoot grow roots in any chosen medium, be it soil, mineral wool or jiffy.

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ClonFix by Hesi is a rooting gel with synthetic auxin that will stimulate the cuttings to make then grow new roots.It can be used in any growing medium. You can clone your favorite plants and keep the original taste and the rest of its characteristics forever.

100% success with your clones guaranteed! If you also use an electric propagator that keeps the temperature at around 24ºC and a relative humidity above 90% they’ll be ready in less than a week.

Clones are alive plants without a radicular system since they’re cut from the mother plant, so it’s indispensable to provide them with a soft light source that slows the metabolic process so they don’t show nutrient deficiencies.

It is advisable to combine it with a root stimulator such as Root Complex by Hesi. Once the vegetative growth has begun, you can combine it with Hesi TNT Complex (in soil or coco) or with Hesi Hydro Growth in aqueous systems.

ClonFix’s dosage and usage:

  • Before starting, pour some gel in a small container so you can insert the stems 1 cm into it.
  • Cut the stems and quickly introduce them in the gel to avoid contact with the air.
  • Once covered with a small layer of ClonFix, plant the clones in the chosen medium.
  • Place them in a propagator with the vent closed and keep the temperature at 24ºC and the air humidity at 90%.
  • After three days, open the vents slightly so humidity goes down to around 70%.

Once the vegetative growth has begun, you can transplant them into the proper medium for its growth. Make sure the substrate never gets dry while it is never too wet.

ClonFix’s composition:

  • Synthetic auxin

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