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Formulex by Growth Technology is a fertilizer that comes with a pH regulator. It’s specially formulated to feed your clones with the indispensable nutrients.

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Formulex by Growth Technology is a fertilizer that automatically adjusts the pH (used only with water). It’s designed to feed your clones with the necessary nutrients in the optimal proportions for the seedlings that are growing a new root system.

You’ll obtain clones that will look like adult plants once you take them out the propagator. No one will believe they’re newly rooted plants. All and each of your clones will have a fantastic look and will adapt to the new environment in a matter of hours.

Formulex by Growth Technology is a very concentrated product that will let you feed a large number of clones with just one package. It only contains 100% water-soluble ingredients that allow for its use with automatic irrigation systems.

Its formula has been enriched with trace elements to adapt to an aqueous system, so your clones will not need any other nutrient as long as you use Formulex.

Formulex by Growth Technology is specially recommended for foliar applications and to keep the clones always green and nourished.

Formulex’s dosage and usage:

  • Add 2mL per litre of water. Damp the jiffies (or the rock wool cubes) in the mix to make clones.
  • Add 5mL per litre of water when growing in soil or coco. Alternate irrigation with and without Formulex for two weeks. Repeat the procedure with every transplantation.
  • Add according to the required Ec in hydro propagators, with a maximum of 0.5 when rooting.
  • For foliar applications, dilute 5mL per litre of water and spray on both sides of the leaves to maximize its effect.

Formulex by Growth Technology’s composition:

  • Nitrogen 2.29%.
  • Phosphorous 0.87%.
  • Potassium 3.36%.
  • Calcium 1.85%.
  • Copper 0.002%.
  • Iron 0.040%.
  • Manganese 0.010%.
  • Molybdenum 0.001%.
  • Zinc 0.0025%.

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