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CannaCure by Canna is a product that creates a second skin on your plants, enhancing the resistance to pests. It’s applied on both sides of the leaves and is useful against red mites, cochineal and mildew.

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CannaCure by Canna is a fertilizer that provides nutrients in small quantities that is applied on the leaves so your plants create a trong defence system. The plants will harden the cell walls, preventing the pathogens from feeding, so they’ll die of starvation.

Useful to pre-emptively protect your plants, with a weekly application, or to fight pests, with applications every two days. CannaCure will form a second skin on your plants, making them almost impenetrable, preventing this way pathogen attacks.

CannaCure also speeds up the photosynthesis, letting your plants assimilate more nutrients and grow/flower faster. You’ll get clean plants with a very healthy green color  that will produce first-class buds with a professional care.

It’s very important to spray your plants’ leaves on both sides, to ensure a total assimilation. When you need to control an already existent pest, the plants must we completely soaked with a good dose to keep them at bay. They can be sprayed every day, always waiting for them to dry before spraying again, but we recommend waiting for al least one day between applications.

CannaCure by Canna can be purchased in two formats, one ready to use, that comes with an atomizer of 750mlalready diluted. The other one, more concentrated, comes in a 1-litre bottle to mix with water and refill the atomizer (which can be the one by CannaCure or any other). It’s enough to prepare 3L of the spraying mixture.

CannaCure’s dosage and usage:

Ready to use product with atomizer:

  • Spray on both sides of the leaves until soaked.
  • As a pre-emptive treatment, it can be applied once a week.
  • To counter a pest, it’s advisable to spray every two days, but you can spray again one they’re dry. There’s no risk of applying to much.

Don’t add anything to the mix, it could alter its effect.

One-litre bottle to dilute:

  • Add 300mL of concentrated CannaCure in a litre of water (preferably distilled or osmotized) and shake well.
  • Pour the resulting mix into the atomizer (if you use the CannaCure one, the label has some red lines on the sides of the text, fill with water until those lines and complete with the concentrated CannCure).
  • Spray both sides of the leaves.
  • As a pre-emptive treatment, ir will be applied once a week.
  • To counter an existent pest, it’s advisable to spray every two days, but there’s no problem is you do it more often, just wait for the plants to dry before spraying again.

Never mix CannaCure with hydrogen peroxide nor with any other product since you can alter its effect.

Remind that foliar applications just be done under low-light conditions, when the Sun is set (outdoors) and with the lights off (indoors). Our plants will assimilate the 100% of the product and we’ll avoid burnings caused by the light coming through the drop of the water and chemical mix.

CannaCure’s composition:

  • 1.914% Nitrogen.
  • 0.074% Iron chelates.

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