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Fertilizer kit by Top Crop for autoflowering plants. It includes all the nutrients necessary to obtain a great yield with autoflowering plants while using 100% organic fertilizers.

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Fertilizer Kit by Top Crop especially designed for autoflowering plants with all the nutrients required to obtain a fantastic yield with only 100% organic products. You'll get great results with your automatic seeds when combining it with any type of substrates by Top Crop. We recommend using Heavy Mix. Besides harvesting an abundant crop, your flowers will have an excellent taste and smell.

Deeper Underground is a root booster that will allow plants to assimilate a huge amount of nutrients from the start, so that your automatic plants develop to their maximum potential during the growing stage. We'll apply it without fertilizers if we use it Heavy Mix.

Top Auto is a fertilizer for the autoflowering plants that provides nutrients in adjusted proportions, specifically designed for this kind of plant. It contains 100% natural ingredients so that your plants are grown in an absolutely organic way.

Micro Vita is an additive that supplies beneficial bacteria and fungi to your plants. The radicular area will be larger and will have a better capacity to assimilate nutrients at the same time it will be protected against numerous diseases of the soil.

Top Candy is a contribution of free sugars to enhance the taste and aroma of the final product. It will be easy for your plants to synthesize large molecules, responsible for the smell and taste of buds.

Big One is a powerful bloom booster that will increase the number of flowers as well as their density and size. The number of branches will multiply while the internodes are shortened so that buds are more tightened and more numerous.

All you have to do is follow the recommendations of the chart included with the kit to know which product you must use at any given time.

Top Crop Autoflowering kit includes:

  • 250ml of Deeper Underground (roots stimulator)
  • 1L of Top Auto (flowering fertilizer)
  • 15g of Micro Vita (beneficial fungi and bacteria)
  • 1L of Top Candy (sugars for the plant)
  • 250ml of Big One (flowering booster)

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