Kit with the Complete Range of Top Crop products.


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Kit with the complete range of products by Top Crop. Ideal to take care of the slightest details, give your plants the best natural ingredients and harvest a 100% organic product.

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Kit with all the range of Top Crop products. It includes each and everyone of the products by the brand so that your plants get the best nutrients. Their products only contain natural ingredients so that your plants have a better aroma and taste.

You can find all Top Crop products in a single fertilizer kit so you can enjoy the most competitive price and don't miss on any additive or nutrient your plants might need. As a result, you'll get very high yields of prime quality weed.

This kit is ideal if we plant outdoors, since it includes products such as Green Explosion that makes plants grow very very large at the development stage and might become difficult to handle indoors.

Microvita are beneficial bacteria and fungi for our roots that will make our plants feed much better on the available nutrients.

Deeper Underground will help plants form their first roots and get a good radicular system when we start fertilizing them.

Top Veg is used at the vegetative stage to provide the nitrogen required by plants to grow green and strong.

Green Explosion is intended for the last stage of the growing stage, to give it a good push and get as big a plant as possible before it starts blooming.

Top Vulcan is added to our substrate. It gives strength and vitality to plants so that they don't catch diseases.

Barrier is an additive to enrich the substrate with silicon. It will provide more firmness to the cell wall so we'll get harder branches and stronger leaves to support pest attacks and high temperatures.

SuperGuano is added at the start of the bloom to the pot so that by the time plants reach the fattening stage, it has already been assimilated and is available for them. Plants will then start fattening non-stop. It is thus a slow absorption product and must be added a month before it is actually needed.

We will add Big One to our plants at the start of the flowering stage to boost the production of resin and final weight, collecting much more weed at the harvest time.

Top Bloom is the base fertilizer for the bloom. It provides nutrients during the phase we enjoy most.

Top Candy provides plants with sugars to enhance the aroma. We'll get to push that natural flavor of the plant to the most, besides harvesting much denser buds thanks to carbohydrates.

In short, this kit covers all the needs our plants might have and ensures we'll harvest a product with the best flavor and maximum production.

The kit with the whole range of Top Crop fertilizers includes:

  • 1 L of Top Veg (growth fertilizer).
  • 1 L of Top Bloom (flowering fertilizer).
  • 250 ml of Deeper Underground (root booster).
  • 1 Kg of Superguano (100% natural fattening).
  • 700 g of Top Vulcan (soil enricher).
  • 250 ml of Big One (Bloom booster).
  • 1 L of Top Candy (sugars).
  • 1 L of Top Barrier (plant strengthener).
  • 250 ml of Green Explosion (bloom booster).
  • 15 g of Microvita (fungi and bacteria).

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