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FloraBloom by GHE is a base fertilizer for the flowering that provides the essential nutrients for an abundant blooming of resin-covered calyxes.

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FloraBloom by GHE is an excellent base for the flowering stage that, along with FloraGro and FloraMicro, provides the main nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, to produce an explosion of high-quality resinous buds. You can supplement it with a flowering stimulator and a strong PK to maximize the crop.

It’s an excellent fertilizer for when your plants begin to need a little more phosphorus and potassium and a little less nitrogen, when changing the indoor photoperiod, or when the hours of light substantially decrease outdoors. It’s always used in combination with FloraGro and FloraMicro by GHE, you only have to adjust the doses of one or the other depending on the stage of your plants.

FloraBloom only contains first-class mineral ingredients that are diluted in completely soluble and assimilable forms by your plants. Specially formulated to be used in any growing medium, both aqueous and solid such as soil or coco.

You can safely use it with drip irrigation systems and aeroponics not causing salt-accumulation problems. We recommend checking the feeding chart by General Hydroponics Europe to obtain professional results with your crops.

Dosage and usage of FloraBloom of GHE:

In soil:

Use 2.5mL per 10 litres from the beginning of the growth, that’s about when your plants have 3 pairs of leaves.

Raise it to 7mL per 10 litres during the 3rd and 4th weeks of growth.

When switched to flowering, use 3mL per 10 litres during the first two weeks and then raise it to 9mL until the end of the harvest. 

In hydro, aero and coco:

  • Use 2.5mL per 10 litres during the first weeks of the plant’s life, since they have 3 nodes.
  • Raise it up to 7mL per 10 litres when the growth advances, during the 4th and 5th weeks.
  • Change to 5mL per 10 litres during the first 2 weeks of flowering, and then raise it to 15mL per litre until the end of cultivation. 

Always use it with FloraGro and FloraMicro, along with the rest of nutrients in the table for an optimal harvest.

Composition of FloraBloom by GHE:

NPK 0-5-4

  • 5% Phosphorus
  • 4% Potassium
  • 3% Magnesium
  • 5% Sulphur

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