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The new Hesi Boost will foster the flowering, making it start earlier and speeding up the whole flower formation process.

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Hesi Boost is a powerful flowering stimulator that speeds up the metabolic processes of your plants, so they’ll need a greater amount of water. By consuming more nutrients, your plants will form the flowers earlier, shortening the total time of the crop.

Zigzagging flowers created at full speed will cover your plants with buds from top to bottom.The flowering stage will begin as soon as possible and the internodes will be shorted like never before, compacting your plants and turning the branches into long colas of flowers.It considerably increases the production, and you can improve it even more by combining it with other Hesi additives.

Hesi Boost can be used from the beginning in an irrigation at the end of the growth stage, getting your plants ready for the flowering from the first days so it doesn’t elongate too much when switched to 12/12h. Then, you’ll add it every week to gradually fatten the flowers.

It’s recommended its use in combination with a flowering fertilizer such as Flowering Complex, or Flowering Hydro to supply the plants with the main nutrients. You can also add SuperVit and PK 13/14 by Hesi to multiply the number of flowers and their resin concentration.

Dosage and usage of Hesi Boost:

  • Use 2mL per litre in a single irrigation during the growth stage, before switching it to the flowering stage.
  • Use 2mL per litre in irrigations, or 1mL per litre sprayed, when the flowering begins and during the late flowering stage to accelerate the maturation of your plants.

Check the complete feeding chart by Hesi to guarantee your plants a professional feeding programme.

Composition of Hesi Boost:

  • 1% Phosphorus
  • 1% Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Floral extracts (galactol and others)
  • Vegetable sugars (melitose and others)
  • Alginic acid (and other acids)
  • And other trace elements of natural origin

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