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Green Explosion by Top Crop is an explosion of nitrogen and potassium with microelements to give your plants the strength they need at the vegetative stage.

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Green Explosion by Top Crop is a growth booster and an explosive dose of nitrogen and potassium with micronutrients to ensure your plants grow super fast from the start.

The roots will expand and the size of your plants will be multiplied in a matter of weeks.

Supply your plants this powerful growth booster to invigorate them. Get healthy and strong plants able to support the weight of thick and dense buds.

When used along with the growth fertilizer Top Veg, Green Explosion will provide your plants with everything they need. With indoor or autoflowering plants, use approximately two weeks after germination. In outdoor plants, use every 20 days until mid-May. Green Explosion also helps plants that exhibit yellowish leaves to get back all their vigor.

Check the detailed growing program developed by Top Crop to fertilize your plants like a pro.

Dosage and instructions for use:

With irrigation water:

  • Add 1ml per L when we use it at the start of the growth.
  • Add 2ml per L when we use it twice a month in relatively large plants.

Foliar application:

  • Add 2ml per L of water to spray it on your plants
  • Apply every 3 weeks during the growing stage of the plant.


  • 25% Algae extract
  • 0,6% Nitrogen.
  • 0,9% Phosphorous.
  • 3% Potassium.

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