Ácido Cítrico (Citric Acid)


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Citric Acid by Trabe is an interesting natural pH corrector. This 100% organic product lets you lower the pH level in organic crops. An organic pH-down product for growers' delight.

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Citric Acid by Trabe is a 100% natural product to lower the pH level of the nutrient solution. According to European regulations, it is suitable for organic cultures. We can now regulate the acidity level of irrigation water with a product containing only organic ingredients.

Adjusting the pH of the nutrient solution is always a good idea since very high or very low levels will hinder the nutrient uptake of plants and won't be able to develop properly. When pH is too high, some micro-nutrients are blocked and when it is too low, macro-nutrients cannot be optimally assimilated.

Citric Acid by Trabe is a product that helps us adjust the water pH until we get the value we need at any given stage (growth or flowering). It will also help us clean our drippers so we can forget about jamming in our irrigation system.

Dosage and instructions for use:

  • After adding all fertilizers and additives, measure the pH levels with a reactive or digital measurer.
  • If pH value is over the desired figure, add 2ml of citric acid and let it rest for a couple of minutes.
  • Measure pH again
  • Repeat as many times as needed until reaching the desired value.


  • Concentrate of lemon juice 55 BX
  • Turbid sulphur dioxide

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