Timer 8 x 600 W


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Timer to connect up to 8 lamps of 600W, with the confidence that they won’t burn out. 

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An economical version of the multi-socket GSE timer There are two models available, 4x600W and 8x600W. You can program your lights with the certainty that, if something happens, its internal fuse will melt, cutting the current.

It has a power outlet for a heater, that will only work when the lights are turned off. An economical system if you need to time a large number of lamps, not risking your crop with the use of multiple power strips which could end up burning.

It works by plugging its two plugs into the mains. If you only plug one in, neither side will work.

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Category Components and accessories Reference tempo 8x600 EAN13 04075002 UPC 20

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