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DayStar AC Reflector is one of the most professional and resistant one we have. It’s a guarantee of quality and better crops.

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DayStar is a reflector cooled by air that concentrates the light in a small area. You can use 1000-watt grow light in a small space, or place many lights in the same room without raising the heat too much.

It has a lens that makes the light spread within a short distance of the lamp with all its intensity, making it an ideal reflector for those who like to bring the lamp close to the plants.

It has a small size to adapt to small spaces and it’s very easy to mount with its hangers. Its cooling system prevents the housing from heating up, so it won’t emit heat to your crop.


  • The delivery of this item can take up to 72 hours.
  • Weight: 8 Kg.
  • Dimensions: 187x318x572 mm.
  • Available in: 150mm

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Category Reflectors Reference Daystar Hydrofarm UPC 20

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